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Dámaso Quintana. President and CEO of the Cunext Group is committed to the energy transition through the wide variety of products manufactured by the Group affiliated companies.

Its ambition is to achieve a more sustainable world in which Cunext Group products will continue playing a differentiating key role in the electric supply chain. For this purpose, Quintana says he will continue growing the Group’s industrial portfolio, adding new products and geographies.

The Cunext Group was founded in 2005 and grouped together centuries-old industries dedicated to the transformation of copper. Today, Cunext Group has become a leader in the manufacture of different products along the entire energy value chain, not only in copper but also in aluminum, steel and high-quality electronic equipment.

“We boost the manufacturing industry with the highest ESG standards with a long-term vision”

Sustainability, innovation and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of its industrial strategy.

In addition to the Group’s products being present in the generation and distribution of electrical consumption, Cunext Group also supplies a wide range of products and solutions to the automobile, railway, aeronautical, renewables and capital goods industrial sectors.

Its copper cable and aluminum subsidiaries are manufactured in factories in Spain, Italy and the United States. Its products and services are of the highest quality standards and are available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Since its foundation, the Group’s vision has always been focused on ‘enhancing the present to consolidate the future’.

The Cunext Group sees its employees as its main asset and credits its ongoing success to the effort, flexibility and work capacity of the more than 4,000 people who form part of the companies in which the Group participates.

As the Cunext Group continues to evolve, it is focusing its efforts on actively listening to its customers and creating close and long-lasting relationships, while remaining steadfastly committed and compliant with the agreements reached.

The Group’s strategy for the future is oriented toward a more sustainable business model in all its dimensions: care for people, financial rigor, environmental criteria and values.

To this end, the Cunext Group has launched a strategic plan with decarbonization, circularity and health and safety at the center of all of its investments.

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