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While many supplier relationships have become strained or broken altogether, CME Wire and Cable and City Electric Supply’s 25-year partnership has grown stronger than ever. Both born from humble beginnings, these two family-owned companies have helped each other build billion-dollar businesses thanks to their shared commitment to customer service.

CME Wire and Cable was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Viakable to serve customers in the United States. Through its three divisions and four strategically located distribution centers, CME serves its customers in residential, commercial, institutional, utilities, industrial, and OEM markets.

It is the vision of CME to be the supplier of choice by providing unparalleled quality service to customers who facilitate the transport of electrical power. CME and CES both take pride in being flexible and easy to do business with. A selective market approach lets us closely partner with our customers to provide competitive pricing, customized service, and timely delivery with exceptional fill rates.

From the first City Electric Supply branch in Tampa, FL to over 500 branches across the US, CME will continue to support CES to grow their success together in the future.

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