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Working with United Development Company

United Development Company (UDC) management adheres to quality management, efficiency, safety and sustainability principles, says Hualin Jiang, General Manager of China Railway 18th Bureau Group Qatar Branch (CR18G). “They have used their extensive experience to build Pearl Island into a beautiful and livable place. It also ensures that customers get good quality services.

“The Gewan Island Project PKG3 and the Yacht Club in Marina Porto Arabia Project are significant endeavors, and being entrusted with such projects by UDC is indeed an honor. Working under UDC’s management provides us with a great opportunity to collaborate with a professional organization known for its meticulous approach.

“Being involved in these projects allows us to gain valuable experience and exposure to advanced, efficient and humanized management concepts. Advocate teamwork and everyone solving problems together and you can create infinite miracles. I want employees to not only demonstrate their individual abilities, but also their ability to cooperate with others.”

As a manager with many years of professional experience, Jiang has worked with CR18G for more than 23 years. Adhering to CR18G’s corporate culture, he says he leads with the strong intention to create value for the society.

‘Human-oriented’ is the foothold of CR18G’s management thinking; ‘harmony and nature’ is the concept of modern construction enterprises, and ‘high-quality’ is the fundamental goal and quality requirement of CR18G.

The Importance of team-building

Jiang’s team faced various challenges and difficulties during the construction of the Beverly Hills Project in Qatar Lusail City. However, teamwork allowed the company to leverage perspectives and each team member brought their unique experiences, knowledge and expertise to the table.

By valuing and integrating these diverse perspectives, CR18G achieved more creative solutions, made better decisions and overcame challenges that might have proven overwhelming had the team worked independently from one another.

“As a team leader, being able to set clear goals for the team and having the vision for a better future are both necessary qualities. The leader is the inheritor and disseminator of corporate culture and only by believing in it and setting an example can we achieve a better goal as a team,” Jiang says.

“For team leaders, emotional management is also very important, especially in the context of Chinese culture. Making friendly relationships while doing business enables us to become more familiar with each other, which in turn creates a team spirit. Communication plays an important role as well, as it allows us to know and respect other cultural beliefs, rituals, food, clothing and habitation, which  all work to shape teamwork and create a family atmosphere.”

Building a high-quality team is a systematic process, and it cannot be achieved by a high-quality individual or a superior leader alone. Instead, it can only be realized through the unremitting efforts of each team member, the overall construction of the team and the backstage support of the enterprise.

Creating Architectural Art

In the future, the competition for talent will intensify and high-quality teams will become even rarer. Therefore, enterprises must combine talent cultivation with development strategies to lay a solid foundation for sustainable enterprises.

“The key to my success is that members of the team I manage can complement each other’s strengths and have a unified goal. Everyone can play their own role, so a stronger team is formed,” he says.

“There are many employees who have been with us for more than 10 years and they’ve been integrated into the entire management team. In addition, there are many suppliers and subcontractors who have worked with us for more than 10 years, which has resulted in mutual relationships of cooperation and trust. They have witnessed the development of the company. ”

Jiang says that success doesn’t come easily, that it can take a long time to achieve and requires enthusiasm and persistence. “We have passed the era of large infrastructure; we no longer excessively pursue scale and speed and we pay more attention to quality,” he says.

“I attach great importance to safety and quality control. Our goal is not just to build a villa, a building or a bridge, but to provide you with a better, more comfortable and convenient living environment.

“The highest value orientation of CR18G is to create architectural art that is full of care for human beings and nature. This concept is in line with the development of the times and also strongly aligns with the personal values of the owners.”

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