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India has set the year 2070 as the target for achieving net zero carbon emissions. CAUSIS E-Mobility India Pvt Limited (CEMPL), a revolutionary net zero emission electric vehicle (EV) solutions company, is addressing rising and alarming environmental concerns through its revolutionary EV ecosystem.

CEMPL bagged its first order of 700 double-decker electric buses from BEST Mumbai. BEST has set a vision to convert 100 per cent of its fleet as EV by 2027, under the visionary leadership of Shri. Lokesh Chandra, General Manager of BEST. CEMPL is proud to be associated with BEST to achieve this target and will manufacture, supply and operate 700 electric buses for the next 12 years.

CEMPL is part of CAUSIS GROUP, a UK-based technology and EV solutions company, set to redefine the way cities around the world combat the problem of rising CO2 emissions caused by outdated and polluting mass transit networks.

In October 2021, CEMPL signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Maharashtra, to invest up to INR28 billion (US$344 million) to set up its flagship electric bus manufacturing plant, which is expected to be operational within 15 months. CEMPL will supply 700 double-decker electric buses to BEST and plans to bring its initial delivery from the Jaipur plant and the remainder from the new manufacturing facility currently under construction in Pune.

In addition to Delhi and Mumbai, CEMPL opened its third office in Pune, in August 2022, which will be the centre of product development and technology innovation, strengthening the company’s focus on delivering e-mobility vehicles to the Government of Maharashtra.

“This is our third office in India and is testament to our commitment towards ensuring that we provide the best-in-class mass transit solutions backed by state-of-the-art technology,” says CEO and Director of CEMPL, Ravi Kumar Panga. “And in keeping up with that commitment, we’re also expanding our operations in the country.”

With German technology at the heart of CEMPL, UK-based headquarters, US financing and a world-class team from leading Fortune 500 companies, the Indian electric bus market can expect to see big changes ahead.

Replacing fossil fuel powered vehicles with EV’s drastically reduces CO2 emissions creates jobs and provides investment opportunities for local and international companies alike.

A mass transit ecosystem with a net zero emission output, powered by revolutionary technology, are the cornerstones of the CAUSIS GROUP’s vision for a less polluted world.

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