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Bolloré Logistics, a specialist in international transport and logistic, has been established in the United States for more than 50 years. Over the decades, the company has expanded its presence throughout the region to become a key logistics player and a reference partner in many key industries. In the last two years, its contract logistics activities have increased by 55 percent throughout the Americas.

Relying on the quality services, combined with in-depth knowledge of the markets and key industries, Bolloré Logistics wishes to continue this path to strengthen its offer and its logistics network throughout the United States in order to better support its customers, particularly in luxury, beauty and travel retail.

A growing hub network to optimize clients’ supply chain

Having a global footprint (the United States, Canada and Latin America) gives the company a strategic advantage to serve B2B and B2C across the region with a fast time to market and limited CO2 impact.

Bolloré Logistics network in the USA: Logistics Sites & Hubs

All its hubs provide the same services (value-added services, storage and shipping) with the same level of security (24/7 monitoring, with high-end CCTV systems), last mile solutions with eco-solutions, advanced integration system (warehouse management systems and integration with UPS, FedEx and all carriers, Shopify and Amazon) and are close to the major infrastructure (ports, airports, city centers).

Growth sectors stimulated by strong demand

In 2022, the beauty market grew by 15 percent in the United States. Luxury also increased significantly during the same year: up 25 percent, compared to 2021. As for travel retail, after a drop in activities linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market is starting to rise again. Experts estimate that it is expected to increase at a considerable pace and record an annual growth rate of around 10 percent by 2026.

“Luxury, beauty and travel retail are strategic markets for Bolloré Logistics,” says François-Xavier Colin, Managing Director Supply Chain, Bolloré Logistics Americas. “We will continue our development to consolidate our offer in contract logistics.

“Our experience represents undeniable added value for our customers, who are looking for a reliable service provider capable of managing their supply chain from end to end.”

Recent hub openings

After the opening of a first regional hub of 18,600 square meters in a foreign trade zone located in Miami, Bolloré Logistics opened two new warehouses in 2023: one in the state of New Jersey and the other in California. These two new locations, which total 14,860 square meters of storage space, will allow the company to get closer to its customers and reduce time to market and CO2 impact with a view to meeting the high demand for luxury products on the West Coast.

Carlstadt Distribution Center in New Jersey dedicated to Luxury and Beauty products.

Los Angeles, which is the second-most populous city in the United States, attracts more and more major luxury brands every year. California today represents 25–30 percent of the American luxury market.

“The luxury market is growing strongly in California, which is why we chose Ontario as our distribution center,” Colin explains. “This new site is located near Los Angeles and its main port and airport infrastructure, but it is also only three hours from Las Vegas. It therefore constitutes a major connecting point to serve efficiently the West Coast and Mexico.”

New EV Truck for last mile delivery in New York State.

In New York, a city which represents 20 percent of the American market, Bolloré Logistics has two warehouses that are a few dozen kilometers apart. Both of them process B2B and B2C orders from its luxury and beauty clients. As for the last mile delivery, it will now be carried out using a fully electric truck, which will save at least 500 kilograms of CO2e per year and ensure zero air polluting emissions.

Building innovative and creative solutions for a more responsible supply chain

Bolloré Logistics is committed to reduce absolute Scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions 42 percent by 2030 from a 2022 base year. The company works to deploy sustainable practices and solutions, starting with the selection of buildings with high environmental standards, as well as completing the LEED Management and Operation certification process, offering best-in-class sustainable packaging and alternative trucking solutions and reducing the quantity of waste generated by its activity.

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