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The BFC Group is a leading manufacturer of metallic lanced clamping profiles, which are used as a stabilizing but flexible carrier for rubber seals. Due to its high development competence and innovative strength, BFC has become an important strategic partner of Henniges Automotive.

With production sites in North and Central America, Europe and Asia, BFC is globally positioned and represented wherever it can support its customers with high flexibility and short time to market.

BFC works closely with its customers and develops solutions according to their individual requirements. We see ourselves as a true partner throughout the entire value creation process, from the first inquiry to the completion of product approval. BFC is therefore a valued adviser and agile, creative problem-solver for its customers.

A high vertical integrity of processes offers BFC the possibility to drive superior solutions and to meet the consistently growing market requirements. The development department has many years of specific technical knowledge that is second to none. All machines and tools necessary for production of the metallic lanced clamping profiles are developed and manufactured completely in-house by the company’s own tool shop. This enables flexible intervention in the process at any time and thus optimum support for the customer.

BFC works with the most modern and fastest production methods, which allow a consistently high-quality standard. Appropriately integrated inspection mechanisms allow automated in-process control and a reduction of production errors towards zero.

In the long-term, BFC’s innovative cutting process will replace the outdated technologies of stamping or wire bending. This applies to both the speed and quality, as well as to the sustainability of production.

BFC’s entire corporate policy is, in fact, aligned to sustainability. In a recent analysis carried out in the course of an internal ESG project, the company was able to come up with the best values. BFC’s production process is optimized in such a way that production waste is reduced to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, BFC’s production will be CO2 neutral in Europe by the end of 2021. For the other global sites, CO2 neutrality is planned for 2022.

Through the innovative use of new materials, BFC is also the leader in the manufacture of lightweight products, which is of extraordinary importance with the increasing focus on electromobility.

Procurement of materials is ensured via a globally networked supply chain that is stable even in times of crisis.

The BFC Group has a longstanding strategic partnership with Henniges Automotive. Together, several significant new product developments have been launched that will decisively increase the competitiveness of BFC and Henniges.

The markets of the future will always confront us with new challenges. BFC sees itself well equipped to meet these challenges with a young, dynamic team that has established two new locations in the past two years.

BFC is fast, flexible, solution-oriented, innovative and globally positioned. We therefore see ourselves as the ideal partner who knows how to support its customers and make decisive contributions, allowing them to achieve their own goals.

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