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Moving people around a geographic area requires the infrastructure of a mass transit rail system. These systems can span a wide scale from a single-facility system that serves a convention center or airport, to a metropolitan area with a subway or metro, or to routes that span multiple cities, a country or groups of countries.

With a Belden Connected Rail System solution, you control, manage and visualize the entire mass transit system – trains, tracks, trackside, stations and operational control centers – united on a powerful communication network.

Our agile, future-ready network infrastructure can scale to include your ideal technology mix. Gain system-wide visibility, enjoy reliable connectivity, enhanced security and safety and, ultimately, decrease inefficiency to realize increased margins.

Comprehensive Network Solution for Connected Rail Systems

Unique Transit Operations

Each mass transit operation is unique. A connected data network for rail applications needs to be tailored to provide the best possible value. However, this doesn’t mean it must be created from scratch.

Belden experts can leverage common technologies and best practices to create a design baseline adapted to suit the intricacies of your mass transit network. Consider that a typical mass transit system consists of:

  • Train Network
  • Trackside/Wayside Network
  • Station Network
  • Backbone Network and Operation Control Center (OCC)

Ideally, mass transit operators should approach digital transformation holistically. Investing in a robust, secure, scalable network to meet current and future demands gives you the best possible outcome and most profitable return on investment.

Beyond Connectivity

Belden mapped four design elements to create seamless connections between your transit network assets and personnel. The elements follow a natural order, mirroring the data journey through the network, though the model can easily be altered and scaled to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Belden experts walks you through how to design a customized network solution with an example network architecture. The resulting network enables Industry 4.0 technologies and delivers performance efficiencies.

Belden has a legacy of quality and reliability spanning 120-plus years. It delivers the infrastructure that makes the digital journey simpler, smarter and secure.

We’re moving beyond connectivity, from what we make to what we make possible through a performance-driven portfolio, forward-thinking expertise and purpose-built solutions.

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