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AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, is trusted by oil and gas companies to elevate their sustainability and profitability ambitions.

They use AVEVA’s advanced software to:

  • digitalize order-to-cash processes;
  • monitor and optimize operations;
  • reduce emissions in compliance with ever-increasing ESG targets and regulations;
  • optimize value chains and increase energy savings;
  • and make operations and supply chains more transparent, agile and resilient.

One of the leading energy groups in south-eastern Europe, HELLENiQ ENERGY, has chosen AVEVA for their digital transformation journey. To secure their sustainable growth, the company has placed energy efficiency and sustainability at the heart of its oil refining strategy.

HELLENiQ ENERGY has invested US$45 million (€42 million) in digital transformation projects, and applying advanced technologies in their production process is one of the actions that will contribute to reducing the company’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

“We support HELLENiQ ENERGY on their digital journey by implementing a tailored digital twin that combines a pilot digital AVEVA Unified Operations Center, AVEVA PI system (information platform), AVEVA Production Optimization software, and AVEVA Offsites Management solution that digitalizes and simplifies the order-to-cash process from customer order to delivery and invoicing,” says Cor Swart, AVEVA expert in the digital transformation of refineries.

“Because the digital twin provides real-time optimization capacities and visibility of the refinery process and related energy consumption, it’s perfect to improve HELLENiQ ENERGY’s agility and profitability. AVEVA software is also deployed for quality control and optimization of the complex gasoline blending operation to ensure constant quality.”

Real-time Operations Performance at a Glance with AVEVA Unified Operations Center

Developing greater operational awareness and optimizing efficiency is an everyday challenge for organizations. AVEVA has developed the AVEVA Unified Operations Center (UOC) to face this challenge and enable agile and responsive management of operations.

The solution is unique in offering a real-time and centralized visualization that improves decision-making with contextual and actionable information. Allowing several teams to make decisions in parallel to each other, AVEVA UOC provides increased agility.

From tracking performance data to focusing on lower-performing or inactive individual equipment for analysis, AVEVA UOC offers significant possibilities. In addition, the solution includes workflow management for the modeling, execution and analysis of the incident workflow process.

"Customers such as HELLENiQ ENERGY trust AVEVA for their digital transformation as they look to optimize their performance in six areas: productivity, savings and profitability, sustainability, quality, supply chain and collaboration"

- Awraam Zapounidis, Vice President Central & Eastern Europe at AVEVA

For companies owning several facilities across the country, the region, or the globe, the data visualization delivered by AVEVA UOC ensures the monitoring of operational performance across all facilities.

Site managers can prevent critical asset failure, expediting responses to performance events while responding to market demands and reaching energy efficiency. By accessing broad insights collated from geographically dispersed sites, decision-makers get a better understanding of all their operations and can drill down on specific KPIs in context.

Six Reasons Why Companies Trust AVEVA for their Digital Transformation

AVEVA provides a full portfolio of digital transformation solutions for all type of industries and 75 percent of global oil, natural gas and liquids are gathered, processed and transported using AVEVA software.

  1. Savings and Profitability: Not only do industrial companies use AVEVA software to minimize their energy consumption, saving up to 16 percent year-on-year, but machine learning, AI and predictive maintenance will extend the life of the overall asset of a company.
  2. Productivity: Companies focused on gaining efficiency can boost their productivity with AVEVA Production Optimization, and AVEVA UOC, visualizing their complete value chain to achieve operational excellence in industrial operations.
  3. Sustainability: As industries are urged to contribute to the ESG targets, AVEVA software provides companies with the ability to measure and reduce carbon footprints and to minimize waste with access to company-wide environmental metrics in real-time.
  4. Quality: Most industrial companies are driven by quality standards: HELLENiQ ENERGY uses AVEVA software to collect accurate and reliable data, which is critical to assess and measure petroleum quantity and quality in real-time.
  5. Supply Chain: To satisfy the demand in a timely manner, AVEVA software provides users with real-time inventory status updates.
  6. Collaborations: A collaborative, data-driven environment is critical to break down silos and unify people, processes and assets for continuous operational improvement.

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