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For over 50 years, Avery has been the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality labels which, you can be certain, are reliable through any printer.

In fact, it was R Stanton Avery who created the first commercially feasible self-sticking, peel-off label back in 1935. Stanton cut slits at the ends of a cigar box, filled it with glue and pulled pieces of paper through the slits and ‘ta da’, the self-sticking label used for price tags and name tags was born. Over subsequent years, he went on to secure over 18 innovative label patents and is the reason innovation is still at the core of everything it does today.

All Avery products are produced locally at its manufacturing plant in Castle Hill, New South Wales so not only is it supporting local jobs and the Australian economy, but it also prides itself on delivering the best quality products.

For example, Avery continues to utilise its technical capabilities and material knowledge, to develop many unique features including Sure Feed™, Quick Peel™ and Trueblock©.

Quality Experience

Label technology is something you may not give much thought to, but at Avery they think about it constantly.

For example, the great thing about Sure Feed technology is that it prevents labels from jamming in the printer during printing, so the user can get better results with less wastage and less downtime because labels fly through printers in no time.

Its unique QuickPeel technology makes it easier to peel the labels from their backing sheet which cuts down the whole labelling process altogether because there is less effort, less wastage and less time required.

TrueBlock technology for Avery shipping labels enables the consumer to recycle and reuse packaging materials because it blocks out and covers everything underneath, allowing them to simply label over old labels and addresses.

Striving for Sustainability

Ever since Stanton invented sticky labels, Avery has strived to conduct business sincerely and ethically, striving towards better and more responsible solutions to minimise the ecological and social impact of its products.

For example, when a customer purchases any of its eco-friendly FSC certified paper labels, they are making a positive difference for forests and forest communities across the world.

Avery is proud to be a SEDEX member and comply with its internationally recognised code of labor practice. And as an APCO member, it is continually exploring ways to recycle, reuse and contribute to the circular economy.

It has implemented important initiatives to support its long-term goals, so whether the customer is in the office, working from home or just want to be more eco-conscious, they can feel confident Avery is doing its share to make this world a better place to live for generations to come.

So, whatever your label needs are, you can be certain Avery has the right solution.

As the market leaders in self-adhesive labels, your labels are its world.

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