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As one of the leading providers of supply chain management and ecommerce solutions, Arvato has a long-standing partnership with C&A, one of Europe’s largest fashion companies.

Arvato is responsible for all ecommerce logistics, Europe-wide transport management, customer service and a range of financial services for C&A. With the help of these integrated services, Arvato supports C&A comprehensively in offering its customers an excellent shopping experience.

Combining Innovation and Experience

As an innovative and internationally renowned service provider in the field of supply chain management and ecommerce, Arvato combines many years of industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technologies to develop solutions for global companies in the consumer products, tech, healthcare and publishing sectors.

Whether B2B or B2C, the corresponding solutions are proven across industries and are constantly being developed by Arvato’s experts so that they can easily meet the growing requirements and growth goals of their customers. Arvato relies on a cloud-first strategy as the basis for operational excellence and global collaboration. The cloud infrastructure gives Arvato’s customers complete visibility into their supply chains and the scalability of their business.

In addition, the network of around 100 locations worldwide with approximately 17,000 employees is another important factor for the development of new international markets and sustainable growth.

Partnering for Growth

With the launch of C&A’s first web shop for the German market in 2008, Arvato assumed responsibility for the entire supply chain, from incoming goods and picking and packaging to shipping and returns processing.

In the years that followed, the number of markets served increased to 20. In order to support the growth and increasing demands of end customers in terms of process times, Arvato expanded its storage capacities for the fashion supplier in Germany and Poland to two modern distribution centers. Equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology, the hubs ensure a high degree of efficiency and flexibility, as well as a high level of end customer satisfaction through quick and transparent deliveries.

“We are very thankful and proud to be C&A’s supply chain partner for their online business for more than 10 years. Together we have built an efficient warehouse and transportation network with the common goal of meeting high customer expectations. This long-term partnership reflects our commitment to invest in people and automation, as well as advanced IT and digital solutions,” Arvato CEO Frank Schirrmeister says.

Frank Schirrmeister, CEO, Arvato

But Arvato doesn’t just take care of C&A’s supply chain. Many major brands from all over the world rely on the company’s services. In addition to traditional warehouse logistics, Arvato offers other services to its clients in various industries. In the area of transport management, all transport-related services such as Arvato’s own line-haul network, the integration of last-mile carriers, customs clearance and invoicing are bundled and orchestrated by Arvato.

Excellence in Customer Service

Arvato also provides financial services, such as risk management, payment processing, fraud prevention, accounting and dunning. The customer service department takes care of all the needs of the clients’ end customers, both for the ecommerce business and for inquiries from brick-and-mortar retailers. Via phone, email and chat and by means of direct access to the centralized order data, a high degree of the inquiries can be solved in the first contact.

The Arvato Customer Experience Cloud consolidates digital processes, such as online registration and advance reimbursement of returns or track and trace communication. The basis for these services is an integrated IT landscape based on SAP S/4HANA that can be scaled at any time via the cloud infrastructure.

Combining Strengths to Create Value

And opportunities to grow open up constantly: joint projects between Arvato and its clients are based on efficiency, sustainability and end customer satisfaction. Fast process times through optimizations of the logistics network or innovative shipping concepts, process optimization, as well as near- and offshoring activities and the avoidance of unnecessary waste and emissions in the supply chains are at the center of joint actions.

For example, C&A is constantly expanding its ecommerce and brick and mortar retail networks. Arvato supports C&A with IT solutions for Click & Collect or for the delivery of ecommerce returns in brick and mortar stores.

Future trends and innovative technologies are continuously analyzed and discussed by the ecommerce experts of both companies and then incorporated into joint projects to meet the common goal: delivering an outstanding customer experience every day.

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