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The Arab Potash Company is leading the way in terms of innovation in its area of mining, with its focus on sustainable advancements set to benefit the Jordanian people in more ways than one.

The Arab Potash Company (APC) has emerged as a leader in Jordan’s mining industry as a national move toward diversification sees the sector become one of the country’s most promising.

Since it was founded in 1956, APC has exceeded expectations in terms of the value it offers to its shareholders, at the same time earning itself a global reputation for excellence in the potash mining and fertilizers sector. It has also secured a position as a major supplier of a range of potash-based products.

“These achievements, stemming from the exceptional leadership and hard work of each one of APC’s employees, pave the way for greater prospects soon,” the company says.

At its helm as it embarks on these ambitious plans is CEO Maen Fahed Abdel Karim Nsour, who is well equipped to take the company into the future thanks to his extensive experience in leading organizations around the world.

Nsour has worked in a number of high-profile roles including General-Director of the Jordanian Social Security Corporation (SSC), Acting President of the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jordan.

At the Forefront

Aiming high, APC will be satisfied with nothing short of being the best in its field. It’s a goal that is summed up neatly in the company vision – to “be the most trusted partner in the global upstream and downstream Dead Sea minerals industries”.

By transforming Dead Sea minerals into a widespread of high-quality, innovative and sustainable products, the company will create value for its shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

For now, that means strengthening APC’s internal capabilities and production capacity. It is also focused on growth through broadening APC’s market offering in terms of products and penetrating new markets.

As the world emerges from the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the company is prepared for any future disruptions is also critical. To this end, the company is implementing a process of sustainable digital transformation to make the company increasingly agile.

A Green Transition

With climate change climbing the global agenda, APC is prioritizing the use of sustainable methods to meet future energy demand. It has crafted a dedicated energy strategy to enact significant change by 2030.

“There is a need to work in a parallel manner to ensure high efficiency of energy usage, in addition to exploring innovative solutions which will help APC decrease its dependency on fossil fuels in favor of renewable clean energy,” it says.

Water is another area of focus, but it represents a huge task, balancing a need to diversify water resources with ensuring equitable and efficient water allocations. APC’s strategy recommends an “integrated approach” to water resources management as it attempts to create fresh momentum around the issue.

Sustainable Vision

Protecting the environment is one piece of APC’s sustainability puzzle wherein it also seeks to create a safe working environment for its employees while also caring for local communities and creating opportunities for local suppliers.

“Sustainability is central to our operations and is embedded in our five years corporate strategy which we devised to help us seize new opportunities and expand our achievements,” APC says.

The company was the proud recipient of the International Fertilizer Association’s Gold Award for Excellence in recognition of its ability to maintain the quality, safety, security, and occupational health requirements of the entire life cycle of its product.

Readying APC for the shifts ahead also requires the adoption of the latest industry 4.0 technologies and a commitment to harnessing new “smart manufacturing” processes – areas where the company has displayed a strong record.

Dedicated to the People

At the heart of every aspect of APC’s operations are its customers.

“We care about their opinion and work relentlessly to meet their needs,” the company says.

It’s a commitment that has seen APC diversify it global markets and products to better serve its customers, in the process gaining greater market share as it penetrated critical new markets.

The approach has delivered significant benefits for all involved, particularly as it enabled APC to nimbly react to changes in global potash trading routes as the result of geopolitical conflict in Europe.

Now, through its research and development activities, it is introducing a series of innovative new products such as its specialized fertilizer complex, with a feasibility study currently underway.

The construction of an advanced RD&I Center is almost complete to help drive such advances in the future, while tracking developments and consumption patterns around the world.

It’s all toward the greater good, with APC proud of its contribution to the Jordanian economy and its work to support local communities – a positive impact which it expects to gather force over the coming years.

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