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Anderson Chemical Company was established by Alfred Anderson in 1911. For over 110 years, we have been serving the Dairy and Food Processing industries. The company has since entered the water treatment and institutional markets. We have a sales force that is distributed throughout the US, and we’re capable of servicing customers in Canada as well.

Our ability to solve simple to complex challenges in the dairy industry places us in a position to assist our dairy processing customers and bring value to the relationship. Through our ability to bring problem-solving talent to the customer, we never lose sight of the fact that ongoing service is a must to continue to serve our customers.

It is with a great deal of pride that we have had the rare opportunity to partner with First District Association for over 60 years. FDA is truly one of the finest dairy processing facilities in the country, if not the world. For 100 years, they have served their cooperative members and brought them stability and return for their independent dairy farm businesses.

Though 110 years is a long time, Anderson never loses sight of the fact that we have to earn the trust of our customers continually. Our sales and sales support personnel know this and work diligently to demonstrate our perpetual commitment to our customers. All of our employees, from production to administration understand that they are extensions of the sales force and, therefore, are sales personnel as well.

Our company tagline ‘Just the Right Chemistry’ captures our philosophy of doing business as we look over the horizon to the next 100 years.


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