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In the dynamic world of fashion and accessories, American Exchange Group stands at the forefront as a global design, marketing, distribution and innovation powerhouse. Since its inception in 2008, this New York City based company has been consistently delivering trend, quality and value, from footwear to accessories and beauty, with speed to market.

Unrivaled Expertise in Design and Manufacturing

At the heart of American Exchange Group’s success lies its unparalleled expertise in design, manufacturing and distribution. The company’s commitment to quality, trend and value serves as the cornerstone of its brand philosophy. Boasting a diverse portfolio that includes both owned/proprietary brands and key licensed brands, American Exchange Group offers a comprehensive range of products spanning footwear, tech wearables, watches, jewelry, handbags, fashion accessories and beauty.

Among the notable brands in their portfolio are Aerosoles, White Mountain, Alexis Bendel, Mudd, Mark Ecko Unlimited, Ed Hardy, Olivia & Kate, NatureWell, Orlando Pita and Tattoo Junkee. The company is strategically focused on substantial growth, adopting a holistic approach that involves identifying brands, partnerships and opportunities, with the aim of delivering significant value to a broad consumer base.

Navigating Trends, Disrupting Pricing

In the rapidly evolving fashion and lifestyle environment, American Exchange Group is an example of adaptability and innovation, creating a successful business model that acclimates to the ever-changing retail landscape and consumer behavior. The company’s commitment to disrupting the status quo pricing model is evident in its ability to deliver exceptional products at competitive prices. By leveraging its strong and long-lasting relationships with major retailers globally, American Exchange Group ensures that its proprietary brands, custom private label brands and exclusive licensed brands reach consumers worldwide.

Leadership Excellence:
Alen Mamrout, CEO

At the helm of American Exchange Group is Alen Mamrout, a results-oriented leader with a laser focus on expanding the business by unlocking the value in its diversified portfolio of brands. Mamrout is dedicated to transforming and expanding each of the brands within the company’s umbrella into lifestyle entities, by investing in product development, marketing and public relations to propel them to new heights. This formula has been Mamrout’s modus operandi since launching American Exchange Group in 2008 as a watch company that has since expanded into wearables, apparel, footwear and beauty. His unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and deep dedication to his customers have led to him being recognized as a trailblazer in the industry.

Mamrout possesses a visionary approach that transcends conventional business strategies. In March 2023, his company made a strategic move by acquiring Giant Propeller, an innovative creative services and digital marketing company based in Miami, United States. The acquisition provided American Exchange Group with a dedicated creative agency, helping the company to streamline its marketing efforts, leverage the expertise of marketing specialists and creative professionals, as well as maintaining consistency in messaging across its rapidly increasing portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands.

Mamrout’s leadership philosophy is rooted in passion – passion for the products, brands and most importantly, the customers and their evolving needs. This commitment is reflected in the company’s long-term success and its ability to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Driving Success with Best-in-Class Partners

American Exchange Group’s success is not only a testament to its innovative designs and manufacturing expertise but also to its emphasis on building long-lasting relationships with its retailers and licensed partners. By cultivating strong partnerships with retailers globally, the company ensures that its products are accessible to a broad and influential audience. One such strong relationship is with Bealls department stores, whose values clearly align with those of American Exchange Group.

“We are honored to have established a long-standing partnership with Bealls, a company known for its exceptional products, devoted team members and unwavering commitment to their core values. Together, we navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry, driven by a shared vision of delivering quality products and service to our customers. We are looking forward to many years of continued success,” said Alen Mamrout, CEO of American Exchange Group.

The ability to deliver in-demand private label and branded products has also solidified American Exchange Group’s reputation as a reliable and trendsetting industry leader.

American Exchange Group’s journey has been one of continuous evolution, guided by a commitment to excellence in design, manufacturing, licensing and business expansion. As the company propels into the future, it remains steadfast in disrupting norms, navigating trends and delivering quality products that resonate with a wide global audience.

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