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Al-Falak Electronic Equipment and Supplies Co. is a pioneer in providing ‘end-to-end’ customized automation solutions in Saudi Arabia. The company has an unmatched reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the enterprise IT sector.

Since its establishment in 1981, Al-Falak has been serving both public and private organizations by delivering a unique blend of IT consultancy and customized IT solutions.

President and CEO Ahmed Ali Ashadawi has built the company from the ground up with his strong foundation of hard work, dedication and intrepid entrepreneurial skills; driven by his long-term vision to shape the company to face the future with confidence.

What makes Al-Falak unique and adds to its goodwill is the company’s inherent ability to diversify its strengths in different sectors. It does this with strategic partnerships, which include Al-Falak’s reseller and system integrator channel, cross-selling IT brands across a vast distribution portfolio and many other channels.

Al-Falak’s cross-functional teams are trained in both sales and technical competencies. The company focuses on brand induction in evaluation stages of the projects and ensures that partners are recommended the best of latest technologies.

Al-Falak is one of the few companies to market bespoke yet diverse IT solutions including hardware, software, backup solutions, Digital Signage, AI and RPA solutions and others.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how businesses leverage augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. AI and AR/VR are powerful technologies that combine to create new opportunities for organizations across industries to win customers in more engaging and immersive ways.

Al-Falak has rolled out multiple robotic process automation solutions to suit diversified requirements to automate routine tasks and eliminate redundancy. Al-Falak plans to invest and focus more on AI offerings in the coming months.

Al-Falak proudly endorses Eaton as the premier brand for quality power solutions. Our campaigns to upgrade and replace existing UPS with Eaton packs a special cost incentive, while it leverages its wide network of corporate customers across industries to maximize reach through cross-selling opportunities and purposeful offerings.

Eaton customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefit from Al-Falak’s extensive infrastructural resources and services. These include large inventory holdings at any given time, swift next-day delivery to most areas of the Kingdom and complete UPS installation solutions with cabling, ducting and civil works for select locations.

Moreover, 98 percent of Al-Falak’s partners enjoy an added advantage of credit facilities offered along with a professional and focused sales team.

The company’s longstanding relationship with Eaton, combined with the booming economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a virtually limitless number of opportunities available to it, has enabled Al-Falak to develop trusted capabilities for success.

It is confident that its strategic partnership will only grow stronger as the two companies move forward together.

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