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The digital revolution is one of the biggest challenges for the automotive industry, which is facing faster innovation cycles simultaneously with higher demands in product and process quality.

abat supports digital transformation in logistics and manufacturing for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Mercedes-Benz at their flagship production facility Factory 56, where fail-safe processes, easy scalability and innovative extensions were implemented using abat+’s logistics and smart manufacturing expertise, which provide an ideal basis for shaping the future of production.

Through readily available real-time solutions and support along the entire process chain – from development to design, suppliers, production and customers – abat help to support the production into a showcase for digital transformation.

Supporting Digital Transformation

As a specialist in developing and supporting smart manufacturing and logistic environments, abat focuses on supporting companies in their path to digital transformation. In close cooperation with our clients, abat implemented and optimized a smart manufacturing process to ensure a seamless and efficient vehicle production.

The overall solution architecture abat provides to OEMs makes it possible to control vehicle production efficiently and sustainably. The solution ensures that production always delivers the best possible quality while meeting essential company KPIs.

One of the outstanding functions is the digital plant management. By using modern technologies such as augmented reality, worker instructions and information are displayed to employees in real time on stationary clients, mobile devices or augmented reality glasses. This minimizes errors and increases the efficiency of work processes and product quality.

Seamless Collaboration

The customizable worker guidance enables employees to perform complex assembly and manufacturing steps with precision and to access information at any time.

Another important feature is predictive technology for error analysis. By integrating machine learning and AI into the system, potential sources of errors can be detected and analyzed at an early stage.

abat’s expertise makes it possible to collect and analyze data in real time (big data) to identify anomalies or potential faults – even before they lead to production downtime. This enables proactive troubleshooting and continuous optimization of production processes.

The integration of all important areas – development, design, suppliers, production and customers – creates a seamless collaboration as well as a continuous flow of information.

Data is captured in real time and shared through the system to ensure transparent and efficient communication, which results in efficient processes, optimal workers, production and plant support.

About abat

Founded in 1998, the abat Group is an SAP service provider, innovative software developer and provider of complete solutions for software-supported process optimization – primarily for the core industries of automotive and discrete manufacturing as well as in logistics processes and production control.

The company provides consulting services in all phases of IT service management, starting with the alignment of IT with business processes, through in-house developments, to the implementation and maintenance of standard solutions.

abat is an expert in digital high-availability solutions for production control in the complex manufacturing industry. In addition, the abat Group’s portfolio includes app development, cloud services, information security, AI, sustainability, PLM, and X-Reality.

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