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The sky’s the limit when it comes to each of these extravagant private jet journeys to the farthest reaches of the world.

How would you travel the world if money was no object?

Wonder no more, thanks to this collection of exorbitant private jet adventures, where every need and want is catered for. From the moment you set foot on the tarmac, you’ll experience a level of all-inclusive luxury typically reserved for royalty.

Boasting onboard chefs and butlers, expert local travel guides, customizable itineraries, refitted private jets and luxury accommodations, these journeys let you experience the best of the world from the best in the sky.

Venture into the uninhabited Antarctic, relax on a secluded white-sand beach in the Bahamas, or get a bird’s eye view of Morocco’s majestic desert landscapes as you sail through the skies in a hot-air balloon.

These five global excursions are sure to turn even the most affluent traveler’s wildest dreams into reality.

DreamMaker: Passport to 50

20 cities, 20 days  |  US$278,000 per person

The first ever private jet trip to completely circumnavigate the globe, Passport to 50 took a party of 50 to 20 cities in 20 days, covering 50,000 kilometers in total – all for the eye-watering, jaw-dropping 2017 price of US$13.9 million. That’s equivalent to US$278,000 per person, or US$695,000 per day, and no doubt a little more expensive now.

Created by United States-based tour operator DreamMaker, with one year’s notice, the trip can take clientele to destinations such as Koh Samui, Cannes, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence and Havana with unique opportunities and tailored encounters included throughout.

On board the elegantly outfitted Boeing 767 – described as a “playhouse for adults, with wings” – guests can enjoy in-flight activities including yoga sessions, spa services, fashion shows and a hybrid of hypnotherapy and sleep therapy by a certified holistic health professional.

The unique sojourn also incorporates a handful of special ‘hop on, hop off’ guests during various legs of the journey, which in its inaugural circumnavigation included the world’s top-ranked poker player, a former commander of the United States armed forces, a previous chef to the Queen of England and an American baseball legend.

The extravagant adventure includes an astonishing time ratio of 88 percent on-the-ground and 12 percent in-the-air travel, allowing clients to make the most of their journey around the world.

Even better, DreamMaker has partnered with charities including Water.org, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation and Whole Child International to support the less fortunate with some of the profits from each round-the-world trip.

Four Seasons: Uncharted Discovery 2024

7 destinations, 21 days  |  US$215,000 per person (based on double occupancy)

From Machu Picchu and the Antarctic wilderness to the flavors of New Orleans and much more, experience the rare, the wild and the beautiful on this journey through the southern hemisphere from 30 November – 20 December 2024.

The reimagined Airbus A321 is equipped with 48 spacious flat-bed seats constructed from Italian leather, each with a plush ottoman. On board, guests can mingle and sample food and beverages inspired by the travel itinerary. Traveling by private jet also means that any planned activities can be adjusted to accommodate your wishes by the experienced Four Seasons journey team.

Starting in vibrant New Orleans, guests are then swept off to Costa Rica to experience its lush scenery from the sky, followed by the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco where remnants of an ancient civilization await.

After three nights in Buenos Aires, guests will spend a night in Punta Arenas in Chile before boarding a state-of-the-art polar ship. Get ready to come face-to-face with Antarctica’s natural wonders, including the triple peaks of Mount Foster, not to mention penguins and elephant seals in an unmissable wildlife experience.

Next up you’ll explore the culinary flavors and artistic traditions of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, before escaping to the Four Seasons’ Caribbean hideaway in the Bahamas. Here you can explore a colorful, pristine underwater world, salute the enriching warmth of the morning sun and treat yourself to a Bahamas rhythm massage.

Exclusive Four Seasons guest services include a concierge, a dedicated journey team that handles all trip logistics, an onboard executive chef delivering five-star dining, a luggage concierge and a physician.


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Abercrombie & Kent: Around the World with Jeffrey Kent

10 destinations, 26 days  |  From US$185,000 per person

Offering so much more than castles and museums, Abercrombie & Kent will take 46 guests on an immersive and fascinating adventure across the globe from 13 October – 7 November 2024.

Highlights of the tour include a welcome ceremony in Japan’s Kanazawa Castle, which is normally reserved for visiting dignitaries. While in Japan, guests can enjoy a candlelit dinner in a shrine and partake in a traditional tea ceremony. In Ladakh, the cultural exploration continues with morning prayers conducted by Buddhist monks and a glimpse into how a polo match is carried out at high altitude.

Guests can dance the tango in Uruguay, sip on a cocktail on Easter Island’s spectacular dormant volcano and experience the true meaning of sustainable indulgence at an exquisite resort in French Polynesia.

After long days spent exploring each destination, guests will enjoy extraordinary culinary experiences and local entertainment before retreating to their hand-selected accommodations.

And when it’s time to travel to the next location, they’ll board a private Boeing 757, equipped with first-class, flat-bed seats and a dedicated crew, executive chef, physician and photo enrichment coach.

TCS World Travel: World of Adventures

9 destinations, 24 days  |  US$215,000 per person (based on double occupancy)


In this globe-circling voyage aboard the Airbus A321, you’ll encounter mountain gorillas up close in Rwanda, become a Japanese warrior for a day and unwind in your personal Balinese jungle sanctuary.

Your journey begins in Seattle and ends in Florida, but in between these destinations is where you’ll savor the exotic flavors of Morocco and Colombia, marvel at the beauty of Bali and Seychelles as well as sail through the Galápagos Islands on a private ship. Along the way, guests can relax knowing that all their needs will be taken care of at the hand-picked Four Seasons accommodations and other carefully selected luxury lodgings.

Equipped with noise-canceling headsets, flat-bed seating and a L’Occitane amenity kit, flying between destinations is just as luxurious as the level of comfort you’ll experience at each property, no matter how remote the location.

Aman: Around the World in Three Continents

7 destinations, 21 days  |  US$195,000 per person (based on double occupancy)

In Aman’s most diverse private jet expedition you’ll visit cities, deserts, tropical islands and ancient sites across three continents. Led by serial entrepreneur and adventurer Catherine Heald, this private jet journey will take a small number of guests to historic Kyoto, the Javanese jungle and the medina of Marrakesh. Especially designed for travelers who prefer private travel, each guest will benefit from having a private car, driver and guide to fully immerse yourself throughout the journey.

The expedition begins in Kyoto on 8 September 2024, where bamboo forests, traditional teahouses and geishas await. Aboard the ultra-luxe Airbus ACJ 319 each guest can relax in the lounge and their own private suite – striking a perfect balance between privacy and interaction with fellow travelers.

Before taking a deep dive into Java’s rich history, guests will be delivered to a tropical private island paradise where azure waters invite guests to make the most of this slice of heaven on Earth. In the Maldives, the water-based activities on offer are particularly exclusive with sunset cruises, a semi-submarine excursion and a private yacht experience making it onto the list.

At Salalah in Oman, breathtaking mountain views and bespoke experiences are followed by a fascinating exploration of Venice, with its gondolas and centuries-old fresh produce market.

One experience that cannot be missed while in Morocco is a hot-air balloon ride overlooking the desert, which leads into an epic exploration of the colorful streets of Marrakesh.

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